Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ten Very Bad Movies I Love

(chosen at whim and presented in no particular order)

The Alligator People
El Topo
Untamed Youth
The Dragon Lives Again
She-Devils On Wheels
Battlefield Earth
The Giant Claw
Night of the Lepus
The Devil's Rain

If someone added an item or items in the comments, I would be able to see more entertaining but bad movies. This would make me very happy.


  1. The person to ask about this is Citizen Arson. I'd almost swear that the "man" requires bad movies to live...seriously, _Tarkan_...*shudders*

  2. Is that Tarkan or Tarkan and the Blood of the Vikings? I haven't seen either, so thanks!

    Dang, it really IS the magic word. (-:

  3. Haven't seen these. My favorite bad movies are Bubble Boy and Six-String Samurai.

  4. Thanks, Lady M! I...wait, what? Did I hear that right?

    "Elvis was crowned King. Now, his only heir has died..."

    I. AM. SO. THERE. Thanks!

    Have you seen Sukiyaki Western Django perchance?

  5. I haven't seen it, but with Tarantino in it, I'll definitely have to look that one up.

    Six-String Samurai: Elvis, a post-apocalyptic setting filled with 50s sterotypes, and a battle between the forces of good (surf rock) and evil (heavy metal). Soundtrack by a Russian surf-rock band called the Red Elvises. What's not to like?