Saturday, November 5, 2011

Plants In This Room

Dracena "cornstalk plant"
Spathiphyllum ("peace lily")
Dracena "Lucky bamboo"
Heartleaf philodenron
Golden pothos
Prayer plant
Kentia palm
Button fern
Money tree
Ponytail palm
Some sort of ficus
Dracena warneckii
Sansevieria laurentii
Snake plant (ordinary sansevieria) 

Not currently appearing in this room is the Venus flytrap, which is going into dormancy for winter. See ya next year, Carny!

Friday, November 4, 2011

PE Spam Sender Names

Using a unisex email name gets me lots of offers to enlarge my penis. They come from people like

Barrister Jay
Dick Care (haw)
Arthur Yoda
Freeman McNair
Millard Dejesus
Rudolph McGee
Kermit Kemp
Anita Hugg (me too)
Richie Nixon
Ganesha Jefferson
Lavon Snapp
Maxwell Demont

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hints You Might Be A Fangirl

You’ve eaten Pocky
You’ve eaten jelly babies
You've ever said or written “Squeee!”
You once explained what a sistrum is by referring to the TOS episode "Amok
Whenever a Legion of Super-Pets cover appears at,
     you ask yourself where the turtle is
You’ve recorded a fandub
You’ve been accused of writing a Mary Sue
You’re a Neo-Pagan (Why do you know what a sistrum is anyway?)
You're only wearing (and directing traffic in) that skimpy leather outfit
     in exchange for free con admission
You bonded with your boyfriend misty-ing a bad movie
You've attended a con where the trivia MC told you it was time for you to
     stop answering questions and let someone else have a chance
You've ever been the only chick duking it out at New Comics Day
You've written slashfic and/or yaoi
You have to explain yuor Halloween costume to "the mundanes"
Beverly Garland once tried to give you a litter of kittens

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Prismacolor Pencils

...I Would Need in Order to Draw My Late Cat, Puck 

  1. cold grey dark
  2. cream
  3. white
  4. cold grey medium
  5. pink
  6. canary yellow
  7. green bice
  8. apple green
  9. indigo
  10. silver
  11. black
  12. cold grey light 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Some of the above, sporadically, without much guilt.

or, what I'll DoFoNaBloPoMo

Post to this blog every day.
Post to that blog every day.
Post to that other blog every day.
Lob that one blog over the side because it was never going to work.
Forget that blog that depended on readers for content ever existed.
Ignore that blog I only have because I wanted to snag the url.
Not even pretend I can post to that blog thirty times in one month without a therapist.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seven Things That Make a Library Good

(I don't remember what website I got this prompt from)
The smell
The little room in back where they let you stash other peoples’ horrid children.
The ghostly procession of Civil War soldiers that rides through every public library east of the Mississippi every Wednesday at 2 a.m.
They let me sleep there.
They way the poetry books swoon out of the cases if they think you might pick them up and read them.
The basement. If you joined Friends of the Library you might know.
An adult-sized ball pit helps.

What Bit Me

...accidentally or otherwise, mostly when I was a veterinary assistant:

An American Saddlebred mare, for no reason at all
A pit bull whose spay sutures were being removed
A geriatric collie (my worst dog bite ever)
A military macaw that wanted one of my earrings (he got it)
A cat or three
Sundry cockatiels and parakeets
A Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor
An iguana
A Nubian goat
A gerbil
A sugar glider

Friday, May 27, 2011

"One Food for the Rest of Your Life" candidates

Tofu'n'veggies over sticky rice
Mattar paneer
Memphis BBQ sandwiches
Lentil sambar w/saffron rice
Shrimp po'boys
Confetti salad

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Classical Guitar Vids You Can Watch Here

1) Bach: Cello Suite 1#, Prelude (last entry)

2) Grieg: "Anitra's Dance" (Peer Gynt Suite)

3) Tarrega "Lagrima"

4) Llobet: "El Testamen de n'Amelia"

And one you can't because I haven't figured out how to put it here  yet: "Se io m'accorgo."

Stay tuned....

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Things I Learned Reading SciBlogs

1) If you’re not a physicist, don’t use the word "quantum." You can’t just spang down a “quantum” in front of something roundly disproved and thereby render it scientific; I don’t care what Deepak Chopra says.
2) Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle very probably does not mean what you think it means.
3) Your rejection of the evidence does not necessarily constitute a “paradigm shift.”
4) There’s a word for “complimentary” or “alternative” medicine that has been proven to work. That word is “medicine.”
5) There are not always two equally valid sides to an argument. Sometimes one side is wrong. Sometimes the majority is wrong. Sometimes it isn't. You may never know if you don't check your source's sources.
6) The fact that someone is rude to you or gets angry at you doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wrong, or even that they suspect that, somewhere deep inside, they might be wrong. Sometimes they're just pissed at you because you're arguing poorly.
7) Vaccines do not cause autism. The fact that we are not yet sure what does cause autism in no way invalidates this fact.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ten Favorite Anagrams of My Name

(What do we want?) Cleaner, junkier owls!
(Is this a Ren Faire?) Ace jerkins we unroll
(How can I help Batman?) Arsenic: Joker unwell
(Why am I so afraid of them?) A clown: sleek injurer
(Would I make a good pirate?) A crew jollier sunken
(Should I contact my first mother again?) A wreck reunion jells 
(How can I save the whales?) A jounce renews krill
(Who was that lady I saw you with last night?) A conjurer Lisle knew
(What do I need to survive the magical lagoon?) A runic jewel snorkel
(Who knew what went wrong in the orchestra pit?) A cello's injurer knew

Got'em here:

Avatar-matching bonus anagram:
(MY GLASSES!! I can't tat a thing without them. [crunch]) Lacework injure lens