Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ten Favorite Anagrams of My Name

(What do we want?) Cleaner, junkier owls!
(Is this a Ren Faire?) Ace jerkins we unroll
(How can I help Batman?) Arsenic: Joker unwell
(Why am I so afraid of them?) A clown: sleek injurer
(Would I make a good pirate?) A crew jollier sunken
(Should I contact my first mother again?) A wreck reunion jells 
(How can I save the whales?) A jounce renews krill
(Who was that lady I saw you with last night?) A conjurer Lisle knew
(What do I need to survive the magical lagoon?) A runic jewel snorkel
(Who knew what went wrong in the orchestra pit?) A cello's injurer knew

Got'em here:

Avatar-matching bonus anagram:
(MY GLASSES!! I can't tat a thing without them. [crunch]) Lacework injure lens


  1. From the same source:

    A famous person's candy triumph? Celebrity toffee glory.