Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cool Things I Found Because I Look Down When I Walk

1) An eight-pound chunk of quartz rock
2) Thirty bucks
3) A purple-throated fruit crow’s feather
4) A purse I was able to return to its owner
5) A wallet ditto
6) A near-complete dog skeleton
7) A big red fake flower I wore on my motorcycle jacket for years
8) A dawn snake shed, soaked with dew, that still reeked of snake
9) Bout a dozen empty songbird semi-eggshells
10) Several live copperheads, which is part of the reason I look down.

There is also something to be said for looking up when one walks, or so I hear. 


  1. Looking up sometimes backfires. Bird poop doesn't exactly attack from below, you know...

  2. Not generally.

    Ever find anything cool on the ground? Cause that *is* what I'm up to with all this "add your own" nonsense. (-:

  3. Oh. Okay. Well, I've found myself on the ground quite often. I've also found small children on the ground, though that's been a few years ago. One time, I found a dead squirrel.

  4. Today's trip to the zoo yielded a golden pheasant feather (cool) and a dead grackle (not cool). Left both where they lay.