Saturday, November 5, 2011

Plants In This Room

Dracena "cornstalk plant"
Spathiphyllum ("peace lily")
Dracena "Lucky bamboo"
Heartleaf philodenron
Golden pothos
Prayer plant
Kentia palm
Button fern
Money tree
Ponytail palm
Some sort of ficus
Dracena warneckii
Sansevieria laurentii
Snake plant (ordinary sansevieria) 

Not currently appearing in this room is the Venus flytrap, which is going into dormancy for winter. See ya next year, Carny!


  1. What, no request for more?

    Not that there are any plants in this room, anyway. Remains from them, sure, but not the actual plants...

  2. No, no request for more. One more plant in here and I die of oxygen overdose or chlorophyll proximity or, or something.