Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hints You Might Be A Fangirl

You’ve eaten Pocky
You’ve eaten jelly babies
You've ever said or written “Squeee!”
You once explained what a sistrum is by referring to the TOS episode "Amok
Whenever a Legion of Super-Pets cover appears at,
     you ask yourself where the turtle is
You’ve recorded a fandub
You’ve been accused of writing a Mary Sue
You’re a Neo-Pagan (Why do you know what a sistrum is anyway?)
You're only wearing (and directing traffic in) that skimpy leather outfit
     in exchange for free con admission
You bonded with your boyfriend misty-ing a bad movie
You've attended a con where the trivia MC told you it was time for you to
     stop answering questions and let someone else have a chance
You've ever been the only chick duking it out at New Comics Day
You've written slashfic and/or yaoi
You have to explain yuor Halloween costume to "the mundanes"
Beverly Garland once tried to give you a litter of kittens


  1. You have female genitals, and not (just) in a jar on your bookshelf...

    Yes, I am paraphrasing King. Too bad.

  2. Damme (and my tenuous grasp of the obvious)!